【06.07-09.20】112th Academic Year "Happy Service, Inspirational Learning" Super Lesson Plan, Story Submission, Photo Album Competition, and Outstanding TA Selection Guidelines

I. Purpose of the Event:

  1. Encourage the improvement of service-learning courses and social service teams' quality.

  2. Enhance the sense of honor within service teams.

  3. Encourage students to reflect on their learning through visual and written expression.

  4. Promote observation and exchange among course units, social service teams, and students.


II. Competition Categories and Participation Methods:

  1. Super Lesson Plan Team Award

  2. "Discover and Inspire" Story Submission

  3. "Record and Serve" Photo Album Competition

  4. Outstanding TA Recognition


III. Submission Deadline:

From now until 5:00 PM on September 20, 2024 (Friday). Electronic files must be submitted.

For detailed registration information, please refer to the attachment.

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